Cards for Mah Jong.

Note that the card changes each year on April 1.   Cards are available in regular size and large font.  Order your card from NMJL:

Books about Mah Jong

This is the classic:  The Red Dragon & The West Wind

Some folks have also reported liking this one:  Beginners’ Guide to American Mah Jong

Mah Jongg: The Art of the Game – is a beautiful book, filled with wonderful photos of many different sets.

Mah Jong sets 

Mah Jong sets are not inexpensive.  A basic set might run around $70 on Amazon.  You can also find sets on some specialty sites (see below for some links). These are the must have pieces if you are buying a set; note that pushers are sold separately, but may not fit in your case.  It’s best to buy the whole set at one time!

  • American style game (Chinese mah jong sets do not include jokers)
  • Pushers
  • A case

If you are buying a used set, check for all of the above… but also check that all of the tiles are present.  Four of each tile (numbers, dragons, winds), eight jokers, eight flowers.

Additional sites for Mah Jong sets and assorted other Mah Jong-related paraphernalia:


Excellent web resources

Tom Sloper’s site,  You can find answers to pretty much any question on that site… and if you strike out, you can send him a note and he will respond.  (Usually, in my experience, his response just points you to the answer was already on the site, but was missed by you. I highly recommend reading through FAQ19, here:

Mah Jong Mentor. They offer a free newsletter, and their site includes an excellent library of teaching videos.  Some resources are available for free, and others are members only… but the memberships are very reasonably priced!. Check it out!     If you want to know about other scheduled Mah Jong games in the Pittsburgh area, go to   and join the meetup group.  (And if you know about additional games for that calendar, please let us know!)

Social Media… a few examples, and you will certainly find more if you search around a bit!

Facebook:  Mah Jong That’s It

Twitter:  Mah Jong and Me