Beginner Class (Mah Jong 101)

In the Beginner class, I introduce new players to the tiles, the card, and the basic rules of play.  We usually have time to play one or two games in that first class. Beginner classes are offered the second Tuesday of each month at the Bakery Square Panera.  Sign up here:

Private Beginner classes

I offer classes for small groups — usually 4-8 players.  These classes usually involve three two-hour sessions.  After three classes, most people are able to play (not necessarily to win frequently, but to play!).

Mah Jong 102 (Gaining more familiarity with the card, and making hands)

In the Mah Jong 102 class, we do not actually play any games.  Instead, we walk through the entire card, making many (many!) hands. This exercise really helps give beginners more confidence.  The class also helps advanced beginners/intermediates to become more familiar with the card, and thereby helps them to become more skilled and more confident about choosing hands during a game.

Mah Jong 102 can be taught to groups of players, or to individual players who simply want to improve their playing skills.

I request $15 for each class. Each class is 2 to 2.5 hours.